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Silver Technologies

Today in France, the elderly (i.e., those 60 years of age and over) are some 15 million, they will be 20 million in 2030. The number of those aged 85 and beyond will increase by a factor of 4 over 40 years, rising from 1.4 to 4.8 million by 2050. The objective of Silver Technologies is to recognize, privilege and aid our senior citizens.

"Technology will propose products and services enabling the elderly to benefit from the very best, autonomous and safe living conditions."

Research activities

Research teams involved


The ActivAgeing Living Lab

The Living Lab ActivAgeing (LL2A) offers an innovative framework for the design and evaluation of technological solutions to support the autonomy of older people. It adopts a human-centred and participatory design approach. The analysis equipment includes a real-time video analysis device with an eye tracking system coupled with a 3D motion analysis system.

As part of the European research project ECHORD+++ CLARC, LL2A is working on a robot capable of assisting clinicians with the care of elderly patients. CLARC is a mobile robot, capable of receiving the geriatric patient and his family in order to accompany them to the medical consultation room. It also plays an important role in the complete geriatric evaluation of the patient.

LL2A hosts participatory workshops, bringing together different stakeholders: senior users, health professionals, aging experts and robotics researchers.

Collaboration with private enterprises    

The UTT has appointed a Chair in “Silver Technology”, inaugurated in 2017 devoted to the accompaniment of the elderly by health-care workers. The objectives assigned to the Chair cover 3 distinct training/research fields:
  • Training packages specific to “silver” technologies, among which an innovative approach via experimental co-creation workshops, where initial and continuing training can be mixed, ad lib;
  • Scientific and technology-intensive research examining high-value, sociomedico-economic solutions that can be tested in line with ongoing Living Lab ActivAgeing activities;
  • Valorisation and TT (technology transfer) activities, a recurrent procedure at UTT-Troyes, aimed at a wide range of players in the “silver economy”.
Sponsorship agreements have been signed with 3 major private sector companies: Plurial Novilia (social accommodation), the Crédit Agricole (banking) and Kéolis-Santé, and 3 local SMEs: Assystel (home aids), Festilight (lighting appliances) and Alpix (business-oriented EDP).


Specialist Mastère

Expert in silver technologies

This Mastère course trains specialists able to understand the eco-systems of the elderly, to be able to control the integral parts that constitute of silver technologies, assessing the innovations proposed in terms of their sociomedico-economic dimensions and to be able to manage solutions as and where deployed to ensure the best compliance with the personal wishes and impaired capacities of those concerned as the “silver economy” gets under way and comes into play fully.
Five silver-relevant themes are explored: gerontology (the science), connected objects (Internet of Things (IoT)), health-care data, and methodologies in co-design and assessment work, management of silver technology projects.

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University Diploma (DU)

Governance, protection & processing of health related data

On completion of this diploma course, the graduates will be able to take part in the deployment of project involving health-related data, in full compliance with the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) pertaining to the protection of personal data and the identification processes of technical solutions adapted to merging and processing data. There are 2 training modules: one on processing and merging of data used for diagnostic and decision-related purposes; the other on regulatory data storage, and protection of healthrelated information.

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University Diploma (DU)

Management of "Silvertech" projects

This course trains health sector professionals and young graduates, turning out experts in the management of so-called ’Silvertech’ projects. New technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) in conjunction with new services, occasionally lead to new obstacles and hurdles. Companies here can produce seemingly attractive technical solutions but they can prove largely out-of-step in terms of “usability” or “acceptability” by the elderly in their environment. To correctly manage a Silvertech project, it is essential to gain considerable knowledge in case studies and to also take into account the complex psychological and physical worlds where senior citizens actually live. Currently, the course offers 3 priority themes– the Health-related Economy,
Ethics and Silver Technologies, Deployment and Management of Silver Technology Projects.

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Optimization and system security

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